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Both Muslim and non-Muslim women can wear an abaya when staying in a Muslim country or wish to honor Islam. The abaya is also a fashionable garment that does well with other related clothes? At HijabFactory you can find simpler and more detailed abayas, single-colored & patterned or with embroidery and embroidered stones that give a more aesthetic impression. We also have models in sporty design. Have fun when you shop your abaya with us!



The meaning of Abaya

An abaya is an excellent garment for various occasions. It is mainly worn in Arab countries and can be more or less comprehensive. In the United Arab Emirates, it even belongs to the national costume. It is mainly suitable for public environments and contexts, but since it is available in so many versions it has also become a fashion statement in the Muslim world. In the past, women basically owned a single abaya. That time is over! Now you can botanize among lots of stylish and affordable abayas and decorate your wardrobe.



At HijabFactory we have models for many occasions of life and for women of all ages and different Muslim cultures. Which abaya do you fancy?



For all lifestyles - which are you?

Do you have an active lifestyle or can you take it a little calmer during the days? We have abayas for all fashion styles and ways of living. Buy the one that feels right for you or turn for all the impulses of life.



  • Straight cut for the active woman. If you want to feel a little more free in your abaya, you can bet on a straight cut that does not mark the waist as much. This can also be useful if you wear other garments underneath. A good choice for those who want to be extra mobile during the day.
  • Figure cut for wedding. If you want to wear your abaya more like a dress, you can shop for figure-cut models that are tightened at the waist with drawstring or have an inside cut. This gives a feminine impression that makes you feel confident and trendy. Smart choice for party and when you want to feel a little special. Feel free to wear high-heeled shoes as the icing on the top.
  • Patterns and embroideries for the imaginative and expressive character. A designed and decorated abaya is for those who want that little extra. Dare to be yourself to 100% and show how awesome the Muslim fashion can be!



The right material and size at HijabFactory

HijabFactory's many abayas come in different sizes and variations. No matter what length or size you have, you can find something for your personal style and express yourself the way you want. Take a look at the latest abayas, best seller or outlet section for special prices and buy your abaya today.

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