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A shawl can be used for so many purposes and is thus a multi-faceted garment. In the Muslim world, it is often used as a headscarf but can also be wrapped around the neck and cover the shoulders when it is cold outside. Why not shop for a scarf that you can use for several purposes - partly to keep you warm and partly to cover your hair? HijabFactory loves shawls in all its colors and shapes. Click on one or more models in large square shape, rectangular or smaller version and get a nice and flexible accessory.


Shawl as headscarf and fashion accessory

Wearing a quality and beautiful wrap around your head is something that many Muslims do everyday. It is a very practical garment as it is elegant and fashionable while warming the head and covering. If you choose patterned shawls, you can express your personal style even more. And why not go the step further and put on a hat on top of the shawl for extra attention and trend awareness? Explore your own wonderful you!


TIP! If you want to cover your shoulders, neck and head properly, you should get a really large and square shawl, preferably with lashes. Then you have two accessories in one and can try different ways to wrap it.


Patterned shawls

At HijabFactory you can shop home patterned shawls in various designs and color shades. Ideal if you want to combine your outfit with a suitable accessory. Try purple, green, red and blue shawls with polka dots, animal motifs and melations that are appealing in the fall and winter - or wear lighter and colorful shawls with lace, sequins, beads and stripes just for spring and summer to wrap yourself in. Motivate yourself with a shawl with beautiful motifs!


One colored shawls

Sometimes you want to keep it as simple and clean as possible. Then our single-color shawls can be placed on the top list. Pick and choose from colors such as black, white, yellow, pink, khaki, apricot or corn blue. An interesting combo for you who may often dress in dark outfits otherwise or who do not want to stand out from the crowd as intensely. 


As a combination garment

At HijabFactory you can also find shawls that make up combinations, such as turbans and shawls or hijab and shawls. Often this can be good purely functional and culturally because it holds the hair firmly in place without exposing it in the public room.


Select in our shawl category

Do you have a hard time deciding or do you want to see our entire selection of shawls before putting your item in the basket? Scroll through our many categories to sort by color, price and brand and more. Choose the material that suits you best. The shawls come in cotton, pashmina, viscose, chiffon and soft jersey. You can also choose the shape of the shawl you are looking for. And you! Don't forget to check out the rest of our large range of clothing to boost your style to the max.


Shop smart at HijabFactory. The large selection of shawls means that you always find something that fits. Delivery is fast in 3-6 working days and the return is easy. Let HijabFactory become the obvious choice when shopping for Muslim fashion!

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